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Dundee Hills Resort RV Park-Rules & Regulations  

Violation of any Park Rules & Regulations may result in you being asked to vacate the Park.  

Check-in 1:00 p.m. Check-out 11:00 a.m. 


  • Payment methods accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Amex only. 

  • All RVs must be fully self-contained, well-kept and in good condition. 

  • RVS 10 years or older must be approved by Park Management. 

  • No tent camping or sleeping in vehicles outside of the RV. 

  • A 5 MPH speed limit is strictly enforced 

  • No sub-leasing is allowed. 

  • No wood or open campfires are allowed. Propane fire pits are permitted.  

  • Manufactured outdoor cooking/ electric or propane are permitted. 

  • No clotheslines 

  • Small dog kennels and pens allowed but check with park management. Must be taken down at night. 

  • All water hoses/sewer lines must be free from leaks; and sewer hose cady is required. 

  • Reservations are viewed as a “two-way” agreement. We hold the space which you have reserved. Turning away all future requests, in return for payment of your deposit.  


  • If you cancel your reservation 14 days or more from your arrival date, you will be refunded everything back less a $15 processing fee for each reservation cancelation.  

  • If you cancel your reservation within 14 days (2 weeks) to 48 hours (2 days) prior to your arrival date, you will be charged for the first night’s stay plus the cancelation fee of $15. 

  • If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours (2 days) of your arrival date no refund will be given.  

  • If you don’t show up for your reservation without contacting us or canceling prior it will be considered a no show, and no refunds will be given.  

  • No refunds will be given for early departure during your visit.  

Children and Visitors: 

  • Visitors must comply with all park Rules & Regulations. 

  • You are responsible for the safety and conduct of your children and visiting guests.  

  • Children riding bicycles MUST WEAR A HELMET. 


  • We are a pet-friendly resort – But we have rules: 

  • There is a maximum of two domestic pets per reservation (site). Wildlife/farm animals are not considered pets and not allowed. 

  • Pets are the responsibility of their owner. 

  • Pet Owners must clean up after their pets. 

  • Pets must be on a leash and restrained when not confined inside an RV. 

  • Pets may not be left unattended outside of an RV. 

  • Pets may not disturb other guests. 

  • The following breeds must be approved through the discretion of management before registration. Pitbulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers. 

  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the Park. 

  • If DHR management determines that a pet is aggressive or disruptive, they have the discretion to require the guest to restrict the pet's behavior or location, or remove the pet from the resort. 

  • If a guest is unwilling or unable to control an aggressive or disruptive pet, management has the right to immediately terminate the guest's reservation and evict the guest from the resort, without refund. 

  • All pets must be up to date on vaccines, and copies of pet vaccine records must be available upon request. 

  • No pets are allowed in Cottages or Airstream Rentals. 

Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, and Firearms: 

  • Dispose of smoking materials in proper receptacles. Do not throw them on the ground. 

  • Smoking is prohibited in any Dundee Hills Resort RV Park building. Cottages, Airstreams, Club House, Restrooms, and Laundry rooms 

  • Absolutely no discharge or use of firearms or fireworks is allowed.  

  • All weapons shall be kept in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws. 

  • No alcohol is permitted in any common area (unless approved by management).  

  • Dundee Hills Resort, or any of its representatives, staff or owner will not be responsible for people of any age driving while under the influence.  

  • No criminal or drug-related activity in or near the park will be tolerated.  

Vehicle Rules: 

  • Persons must have a valid driver’s license to operate any motorized vehicle on Park grounds. 

  • No parking outside of provided parking/camping space. 

  • Park your vehicle in your assigned site only. Any vehicle parked in a vacant site without management approval will be charged for the space at the daily rate. 

  • No repairs or washing of vehicles or RVs allowed unless approved by management. 

Behavior and Nuisances: 

  • Quiet hours are 10pm - 8am 

  • Excessive noise/nuisance created by guests/visitors will not be tolerated. An after-hour disturbance fee may be assessed for any calls received. 

  • Common courtesy shall prevail between all persons on Dundee Hills Resort property. Obnoxious, profane, abusive or threatening language, behavior, and/or actions directed at Dundee Hills Resort personnel or guests, or that could adversely affect the enjoyment of other parties utilizing our facility is prohibited; anyone engaging in such activity will be required to leave the park immediately without refund at the sole discretion of park management.  

Cottage & Airstream Supplement to Park Rules & Regulations  

  • Cottages require a 2-night minimum stay.  

  • No pets allowed in cottages and Airstreams due to health and hygiene concerns.  

  • No smoking, vaping, or tobacco use of any kind allowed in the cottages and Airstreams. 

  • No one under the age of 18 in the Airstreams.  

  • No cooking inside of the cottages and Airstreams. 

These Rules & Regulations supersede any previously written or discussed. Rates may be changed at any time without prior notice. Please report any problems to park management immediately. Please notify Park management of any incident or accidents as soon as possible.

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